Sell to Us

The ability to move excess inventory quickly is extremely important to your bottom line. Corinthian Foods is the best and most trusted source to distribute products with ease and efficiency, while ensuring brand protection.

We understand that reputation is everything and that brands must be protected. Our account managers work tirelessly to ensure this protection, as well as finding the best secondary markets for your specific products.

An added benefit to selling to Corinthian Foods is that we purchase full lots of overstock, not just the products we are sure will sell out. When we are unable to sell all the products we buy, we donate to local food banks and organizations who need it, thus eliminating any food waste and helping those in most need.

When you team up with Corinthian Foods you’re not only getting great service and guaranteed brand protection, you’re choosing a smart and efficient solution that shows up on the bottom line:         

  • A dedicated account manager who makes the process smooth and simple
  • Access to the best secondary markets
  • Quality repacking with trusted brands

Better Choices, Better Solutions.  That’s what makes us Corinthian Foods.

Interested in selling to us?

Personalized Service for Better Quality.

35 Years of Trusted Customer Service

Food manufacturers know that they can trust us to take excess food inventory and sell to secondary markets, protecting their brands and avoiding competition.

Creative In-house Solutions

In addition to repack and resell, we carry our own line of delicious appetizers and we import seafood and potato products for nationwide distribution.

Effective Logistics

Our strategic network of facilities allows us to store and ship inventory in temperature-controlled environments. This includes moving in a timely profitable manner.

Whether you need to move excess food inventory or repack and rebrand products, Corinthian Foods provides solutions with ease.